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Left Ventricular Assist Device

Wound Treatment

Home Health Care

Left Ventricular Assist Device | Justice Healthcare Group

A left ventricular assist device (LVAD) is a surgically implanted mechanical pump that pumps blood throughout your body when your heart is weakened...

Wound Treatment | Justice Healthcare Group

Serious, non-healing wounds require specialized care. While you may not require hospitalization, when you have a chronic or acute wound, you do need...

Home Health Care | Justice Healthcare Group

Home health care is typically less expensive and more convenient than you staying in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. With home health care, you...

Let Justice Healthcare Group provide professional support and care in your home after an illness or hospitalizations.

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If you’re dealing with an injury or illness that requires specialized care, contact the professionals with Justice Healthcare Group. Our nurses and on-staff pharmacist offer the skilled healthcare your doctor orders, but in the comfort of your home.

Home healthcare offers convenience for you and your caregivers. It reduces the time you spend in a hospital and the need to be re-admitted by monitoring your health after you’ve been released. By providing education and training about your care to you and your caregiver, we prevent the progression of your illness or disease allowing for more independence and comfort to you.

The services we provide are:

• Psychiatric Assistance
• IV therapy
• Wound Care
• Diabetic Treatment
• New/Existing Medical diagnosis
• Exacerbation of an existing condition
• Maintain LVADs with our on-staff specialist
• Driveline Care

When you are recovering from an illness or injury and need extra care that only a specialized healthcare professional can provide, contact us. Let us give you and your family the support you need to live more independently. We offer the services and care required for Embracing Health and Balancing Life.