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About Us

About Us | Justice Healthcare Group - Houston, TX

The services we provide are:

• Psychiatric Assistance
• IV therapy
• Wound Care
• Diabetic Treatment
• New/Existing Medical diagnosis
• Exacerbation of an existing condition
• Maintain LVADs with our on-staff specialist
• Driveline Care

In 2010, Justice Healthcare Group began with 3 registered nurses and a pharmacist to provide home healthcare in the Houston, Texas area. Our nurses have over 30 years of experience in critical care specializing in cardiovascular and neurological assessment, along with intense Psychiatric experience. Having a pharmacist on our team allows us to check for drug interactions and gives us access to more information when you have medication and other medical questions.

We provide in-home support for a new medical diagnosis or hospitalization, or if an existing condition is exacerbated. Our nurses will educate and train you and your caregivers on new medication, wound care, or home safety. Our Psychiatric nurses will assist and evaluate for your compliance and your physician's concerns. We can assist in a transition from the hospital, clinical, or nursing home to your home.

Our professionals coordinate your care with your physician and update him/her on a regular basis. We can also work with other agencies that are involved in your care. Maintain your independence while still getting the skilled treatment that is required to manage your health. Call us today for an appointment so we can discuss your options.