Left Ventricular Assist Device

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Left Ventricular Assist Device

Left Ventricular Assist Device | Justice Healthcare Group - Houston, TX

A left ventricular assist device (LVAD) is a surgically implanted mechanical pump that pumps blood throughout your body when your heart is weakened. Although the technology has advanced with decades of research, there are still plenty of risks with the device.

With an LVAD, there are a host of complications that can occur as you learn to use it and your body adjusts to it. Working with a qualified healthcare team is essential to the success of an LVAD.

The left ventricular assist device has a power supply external to your body. The line that goes into your abdominal wall is a huge source of infection. Although these infections can often be treated with antibiotics, some cannot and are potentially life-threatening as they enter into your heart.

Once you leave the hospital after being fitted with the LVAD, you will need home healthcare monitoring to maintain your health.

Blood clots are also a very real risk with an LVAD. If your doctor has you on blood thinners to prevent blood clots, the risk for bleeding becomes significant. Bleeding into your brain can cause a kind of stroke. Professional nurses can watch for symptoms of internal bleeding.

Justice Healthcare Group has the nurses and home healthcare support to train and teach you to manage life after a LVAD has been implanted into your system. We can come to your home and help your loved ones understand the unique care that you need, while working with your physicians to monitor your health.

In the Houston, Texas area, if you are newly fitted with a left ventricular assist device, call us so we can assist you with expert care when you leave the hospital. We want to help you maintain independence while undergoing extreme health problems.