Wound Treatment

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Wound Treatment

Wound Treatment | Justice Healthcare Group - Houston, TX

Serious, non-healing wounds require specialized care. While you may not require hospitalization, when you have a chronic or acute wound, you do need the skilled attention of professionals to help you monitor your health. Regular inspection of your wound is a primary part of the treatment plan to keep it from progressing to a worse state.

When you have a chronic or acute wound that requires intense treatment, it can be difficult to get to treatment. Let the treatment come to you. Our nurses can assess the environment to ensure your wound is not exacerbated. You remain in the comfort of your home and have the knowledge to maintain independence in the face of a serious injury.

At Justice Healthcare Group, we not only provide wound treatment and healing, but we focus on your overall health. We come to your home and care for your wound and your entire body.

Your insurance may cover home health care as an alternative to more expensive facilities, and many people feel like they heal more effectively in their own home. Home healthcare can provide the benefits of a skilled nurse while allowing you to be comfortable at home.

For optimum healing, we utilize evidence-based treatment protocols from the healthcare industry. We keep your doctor informed of your progress as we assess and treat your wound. In addition, we help educate your caregiver and you about your wound treatment, promoting the best possible outcome for your health.

The professionals with Justice Healthcare Group have the experience and skills to help you manage your wound treatment. We have a pharmacist on staff to help monitor drug therapy treatments and assist with medical questions. With over 100 years of combined experience, our nurses bring experienced treatment into your home for your comfort and self-esteem. If you’re in the Houston, Texas area, give us a call to let us help.